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If your property is mortgaged, have you informed your mortgagor?

If you’re your property is leased, have you informed the head lessor?

Are you fully covered for buildings insurance and contents insurance?

Have you arranged to forward your mail?

If you are going overseas, have you made the necessary arrangements with an accountant to handle your tax

Have you notified the telephone company of your departure?

Is the house clean and tidy?

Is the garden in seasonal order?

Have you provided us with two sets of keys and left ancillary keys with other information in the kitchen?

Have you informed your local council offices of your date of departure and your forwarding address?

Have you ensured that all regular payments for mortgage, insurance premiums, water rates, etc., are arranged?

Have you completed, signed and returned our Terms and conditions together with the fire regulation forms along
           with supplying an up to date energy proficiency certificate?

Have you arranged a gas safe certificate for all gas appliances?

If you are an overseas landlord, have you applied for a tax exemption certificate?

Have you sought advice as to whether your property should be licenced as a HMOs (House of multiple occupancy)

always aims to provide the best solution to suit your management needs within your budget with our very competitive fee structure. Why not contact us to request further information or to arrange a meeting with our lettings management specialists.

Alternatively please complete a Registration Form and send it back to us and discover what we can do for you.